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       At the National Integration camp on community singing that Smt. KAVERI SRIDHAR attended as a young and enthusiastic music teacher, a major part was devoted to training the teachers in the concept of Choral Music. But here, in Smt. KAVERI SRIDHAR, was a teacher already quite adept at not only conducting, but also composing Choral Music, thanks to her innovative spirit urging her to evoke the best from her students in school.

         That the concept of Choralising was nothing new to this young Indian Music teacher, baffled the pioneers of present day Indian Choral Music- Shri Kanu Ghosh, Shri M. B. Srinivasan, Shri V. C. Moudgalya and Shri Satish Bhatia - all of whom were involved in conducting the camp. After probing further the depth of this innovative teacher’s capabilities in Choralising, the stalwarts were unanimously convinced of her innate genius and encouraged her to spread this beautiful art form. Shri Kanu Ghosh in particular urged Smt. KAVERI SRIDHAR to start her own choral group and gave her all encouragement.

        Thus was born the BANGALORE YOUTH CHOIR(R) in the year 1984; making Smt. KAVERI SRIDHAR the first ever lady Indian Choral Music conductor in the whole of South India.

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